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Italian Art. A journey into Beauty

 Tbilisi, Georgia 31st may 2019 

The Georgian National Museum of Tbilisi (Georgia) hosts, from May 31st to August 31st 2019, the IMMAGICA multimedia exhibition. Italian art. A journey into Beauty, an enthralling journey to discover the masterpieces of Italian high masters, from Giotto to Canova.
From Giotto
to Canova

A powerful and vibrant symphony of lights, colors, sounds and inspiring images accompanies the visitor on an enchanting, fun and educational journey.

The immersive multimedia journey begins with the extraordinary revolution of Giotto, who «reworked the art of Greek painting in Latin and reduced it to modernity». The medieval man is immersed in the dimension of the sacred and Giotto carries out his revolution in the Scrovegni Chapel, abandoning Byzantine art and humanizing the divine.

The sphere of the sacred is replaced by the Ideal Beauty, represented by Leonardo with his Annunciation,
into a mythological sphere, in a world dominated by the divinity on which Venus triumphs.

The enchanting Botticelli, symbol of the great Renaissance season. The Madonna of the Goldfinch, a masterpiece of grace, harmony, calm and serenity. Canova, between mythology and divine beauty.

Virtual Reality

The visitor, thanks to interactive technology, can observe the works of Bellotto and Canaletto in an innovative way.

Digital and interactive edu-tainment

The exhibition has a digital and interactive educational entertainment platform, in which it is possible to carry out cultural activities with an immersive educational experience. Thanks to digital technologies and interactive systems, scientific content and cultural enjoyment merge to guarantee the visitor a pleasant training experience.


beauty and grace of a past world that still lives today